Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 Crit (Early Stages)

In this student led crit we all talked about the stage we were up to concerning the translation of our summer brief, and the material that this provides, into a website with a discernible function and target audience. I talked about How I wanted to create a website to promote the walks along the cost path rather than simply an informative page about coastal botany. I outlined the idea of focussing on targeting a young professional audience, mainly from cities, that might not instinctively go on walks on the coast. Without visual stimulus it was quite hard to continue the crit form here but, someone mentioned the fact that the brief outlines that the website should be multipage. Although this seems like a limitation at first glance I know for a fact that the navigation on a lot of one page websites make use of different URLs for the different sections of the continuous scroll of the website. So, there are ways around this. The main point raised was whether I was going to use the illustrations that I had done as part of my summer brief. This is something I hadn't really considered but everyone seemed very adamant that they were worth using. 
I also introduced the name that I had generated the other night when talking to my flatmate "Salt of the Earth", this also got a relatively positive response. I introduced the idea that although I can only design a limited amount of the website I could suggest future expansion by saying that people could add and categorise there own walks and slowly an archive could start coming together.

I als sat down with Danny and I talked about the fact that my inexperience with coding meant that I was hesitant to get anything down on paper because I was uncertain about what was achievable. He said that although some of it may not be achievable, I would be worth planning for it, Create as much of it as I can and then make detailed mock ups or even a video of how people would interact with the website.

He also suggested looking at maps and their elements as a starting point for the visuals of the website. Because they are beautiful items that have a knack of looking shabby it might transfer over quite well to the high end polished look that I want to achieve in order to appeal to my target audience. 

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