Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OUGD504 Brief 02 Kick Starter Choosing Parallel Study Task 3

Although it is true that Parallel have a number of graphic designers on board, I feel that their branding could be much better. There is consistency but it doesn't really communicate anything. Visually It could just be a much stronger, giving it longevity and a more complex conceptual base.

Study Task Three: Specific Requirements of my logo.

The main limitations of this logo are the different formats that it will have to work in. Not only does it need to be eye catching on the shelf in a shop context but overlay over photos easily be legible from a distance and up close and be distinctly different from the other magazine logos around at the moment. The controversy of the word feminism highlights another tricky area in this brief. I need to create a balance of image, quite neutral in gender specificity, because I don't want to alienate any male audiences, but it also should represent the beliefs of the magazine and its feminist orientation. A careful balance must be achieved. As well as print the logo needs to be condensable down into a square format for the digital and social media platforms that Parallel are active in. The print format doesn't stop with the magazine its self either; there are all sorts of postal print work that it would have to work on without a photographic background. There are also evolutionary options to consider, perhaps designing a symbol as well would be beneficial, so that once it is well known, you don't have to use the name, people just know.

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