Tuesday, 28 October 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Art Part Meeting

I had a meeting today with a lot of the people involved in the Leeds At Party Movement to help get an idea of what they needed help with and what i could shape into part of my responsive briefs. They are basically campaigning the importance of arts education emulating the first arts party by Bob and Roberta in scarborough last year. They also talked about the fact that they wanted to do this better by getting students involved. This is because the original arts party was very white middle aged and middle class in the audience that it reached and although arguably this is the audience with the most political influence the audience that it should access and 'call to arms' are the students that come from this arts background and have the most to say about it. The original arts party also seemed to simply attack Michael Gove and his policies where as the aim of the leeds arts party is much more aimed at celebrating arts education and highlighting its importance as part of a functioning society. 

There are a number of things that I could help with:
leaflet or program that forms part of the event promotion and paperwork that will be handed out on the day. (I should outline that the Leeds Art Party is an event not simply a society) This program could look at categorising all the events in an easy to understand manner and making a map for those new to the college layout. 

Signage: This may involve simply creating a font from the logo that they already have so that it can be used on things like signage along with iconography for the different types of events i.e. talks and workshops would have different symbols.

I will also be involved in a lot of the organisation of the events such as the stand we will have at the juju showcase. We have yet to define this but it is possible we will all be using designs to create a big mix and match of art and visual communication.

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