Friday, 31 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief HIstory Of... Hand Drawn Type For Logo

In the previous post I did some sketches for the logo design and I realised I needed to refine what exactly I wanted to do with the type. So, I spent some time looking at type on pinterest and put together a board that I can use as inspiration when I am drawing out the type. I have decided on hand drawn type because it fits with the earthy nature of my subject matter and  captures the imperfect perfect of nature its self which is a selling point of getting out for a walk, which is the whole point of my website.

As you can see I have focussed on collecting italic and script fonts as well as softer serif fonts that use all caps. These are the two type of look that I played around with using in the earlier logo sketches, although they were very simplistic. Reason these two types appeal to me for this design is that the script style has an inherent suggestion of movement which works well with the content and the all caps serif has a traditionalness to it that has connotations of wholesomeness and old fashioned good fun that will also work to my advantage.

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