Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 02 Kick Starter Logo Briefing and Seminar

Once I have decided which Kick starter project I want to rebrand I will need to really research, in depth, the exact personality of the brand and ow they have tried to convey this in any current design. I will need to carefully refine the meaning that I need to convey and how to find this balance of communication to get what will quite possibly a very complex meaning. It is also important to ensure the flexibility of the brand so that my brand strategy is feasible. The brand strategy is a written documentation of the different ways a logo design might be used across many media such as video, print and digital presences. A flexibility of application that maintains the same message and image throughout.

This briefing was then followed by a seminar which was really helpful in pointing out areas which we might need to look at when researching this project. Considerations such as brand values, longevity and expanding potential. Branding encompasses the complete personality of a company or endeavour, in the same way a persons personality has many facets. A logo's job is to convey this to its audience. The following image is a sample of the notes taken during the seminar, the above points of which are the main rings I took away from the talk.

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