Sunday, 19 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio brief 03 A Brief History Of... Web Safe Colours and Fonts.

From the seminar we had after the briefing, I knew that I would need to limit my colour usage. This is because certain colours can be accurately represented by all monitors be they old or new. This also takes into consideration web viewing on mobile phones and iPads. I found this website which helps you choose brighter more vibrant web safe colours.

This should come in handy science in the past, when using illustrator and opting for the web safe version of a colour they often became dulled and sad. Something that I really want to avoid with my web design.

Once again during the seminar we were told that we would need to be careful when using fonts on our web design because if the computers viewing the website didn't have the font installed it would replace it with one that it did. This would disrupt the letter placement and organisation of the entire design so I wanted to ascertain if there were many fonts that are really reliably usable in a web design.

This is a really drought area legally as well as functionally but this interview helped a bit.

I followed a link to something suggested at the bottom of the page called web ink. However, they had stopped practice and this led me to another link Google fonts.
I had never hear of them before but they are free which will work well for this brief and means that I can use them legally without worrying about a law suit. I will talk to simon about this resource and see if he says it is worth using.

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