Sunday, 19 October 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Analysis of Other peoples Work

This is the work of one Helen Street. For the 'My Design Process' Brief she designed a flow chart  in a concertina gate fold of sorts. The visuals are great and I love the injection of colour to help separate the different section of her design process. The general horizontal orientation of this piece makes it seem like her design process is quite organised and linear. At least that is what you get at first glance. When you look closer and start to read the information and follow the flow chart you realise that there are a lot of different route you can take through the design. The straight lines and perfect circles used to construct the design create an effect of a quirky machine ticking away especially helped by the movement suggested by the dotted lines, dotted lines always suggest foot steps on a path to me, which works perfectly in this situation. The whole thing has a precise and mechanical feel to it, making it seem like the person behind it is very focussed and driven. The fold, although simple, works well to enhance this, folding together to match the brief with the final product.

The first impression is of a design process that is incredibly simple and direct, often how people perceive the creative process, unfolding to show the complex machine that powers the creative mind. I really love this design and think it is very effective in communicating Hellen's design process.

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