Thursday, 30 October 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Tackling Briefs

We started by looking at an old brief.
-Yahoo! is the original .com start up, it has everything you would need in your day to day life. 
-The brief is about re designing the home page in a fun and engaging ways for a target audience of 13-18.
This age group is already adept at filtering large amounts of information to find what they are looking for.

They wanted a digital campaign that makes new users want to set up an email account with yahoo and make it their home page.

What are yahoo's main problems?
-It is not google

It seems that the major problem is that yahoo is forever associated with the past and the web failure like my space and those web vanture that didn't quite make it. Or weren't quite google.

We started by looking at what was wrong with yahoo at the moment and how we could combat these problems with our own design.

We then looked at sketching some options of the website interface and how we could simplify it down to what the target audience needed to see on the very first page. We also started to think about the difference of the display when you are signed in or viewing the content from outside the system. There needed to be perks to being signed in and integrated with the yahoo system so we came up with two layouts one for when you are signed in. All of it was developed around the icons we created.

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