Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of... Website Flow Chart Design Sketch

After re organising the information for my website I went back to redraw the website structure. In fact I found that it wasn't so much the structure as the way the information is presented about the walks that makes the difference. The iconography detailed in the last post has made all the difference when it comes to fitting in more information. However I will need to look into designing these in such a way that it hopefully doesn't need a key.

As you can see I am looking at creating a three column grid that stretches across the complete extended scroll format of the website. The icons will sit along the lines tat extend down this grid from the walk specific logo on the home page to the walk specific page. To negate the need for a cluttering title for each page I want to reduce the opacity of the other two walk logos when on a particular walk page. All logos will still take you to the corresponding page but just be slightly less noticeable. The photo for each walk sits in the third of the screen that the walk logo is allocated in the home screen. This means that the symbols need to work over the images. This is something that I need to consider and test when I am designing them.

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