Wednesday, 15 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of...An Introduction To Web Seminar

Questions To ask Your self Before Starting:
-What is the purpose of this website? (what does it aim to do?)
-Who is the target audience for this website? (ensure this is correct, mistakes at this stage can ruin a project)
-What does the audience need from this website?

-Size (image size can mean that some people with low bandwidth cannot see the image)
-Colours are limited to a web safe colour pallet. (those that all monitors can display)
-Fonts are replaced if they are not installed in the readers computer. There are ways around this, such as embedding the font on tour website. However, this can be an infringement of copyright because you are effectively distributing the font.

We were then taught about ways to evaluate web sites and their design. When someone opens a website, apparently, it takes under three seconds to decided whether or not they will engage with it. So, as a form of evaluation, snap judgement as soon as you are presented with the one page is one of the best ways to put yourself in the shoes of the audience. We did this as a group with a couple of websites but I will do this myself with a few websites as a form of research because I found it particularly enlightening. 

Some useful words to know:
HTML- Hyper text mark up language, used in the creation of web pages.
HTTP-Hyper text transfer protocol, the basis for the transfer of data across the web.
URL-Uniform resource locator, web address used to locate information.
CSS-cascading style sheet, mark up language used for formatting.

Trends to Research:
-Rise of flat design
-single page website
-Responsive design
-Type based websites

I definitely want to go on to research these trends and read the books suggested during this seminar. I am quite nervous about this brief but if I immerse myself in information, hopefully I can hold my own...

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