Sunday, 5 October 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Final is Critique

Although this was a final crit, the short nature of the brief meant that no one had fully finished their work. However, this allows the self initiated crits we have between ourselves in the studio to take centre stage as the guidance we required during each brief. The images below show what I showed the crit group
Everyone seemed to agree that I was on the right path with my illustration...once they had stopped laughing :) Everything was very positive, everyone thought that the blobby hand done type would be best for the place names and they liked the way I had cozen to fold my leaflet. Simon pointed me in the direction of the illustrator Ralph Steadman, saying that perhaps I needed to 'go a little crazier' with the illustration style. They did however, bring up the question of what I was going to call it, which had not crossed my mind before. There were some jokey suggestion such as Bethlehem but I do need to consider this more before I continue.

When I explained quite a minimal exterior design and that perhaps a bodoni esque font would adorn the belly band, questions were raised as to whether this would disrupt the visual continuity of the piece, so perhaps I should re think this. 

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