Wednesday, 22 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of... Map Research and First Design Thumbnials

After talking to Danny, I looked into some of the symbolism and designs used on ordinance survey maps so that I have a resource to pull from when I am designing the website.
The contour lines are a very distinctive 'map' visual reference as are the gridded blue lines that spread across the entirety of the map.

The combination of thick and thin lines and the angled almost hand written notes in the margins of the map. I am unsure if this is the current way of framing ordinance survey use so I will need to look into that as well.

Because so much of my mapping will be along the coast it provides the perfect space for information and images. I will need to experiment with thumbnails and look a ways in which I could do this.

Another thing that occurred to me was the way that the area each map covers is mapped out in the 'map of maps' shown above and below. I have no idea at the moment how I could work this into my design except possibly in the way that each page is linked together. In that you somehow get a hint of the information just beyond the 'edges of the map' wherever you are in the website.

Looking at these image what really occurs to me is the fact that the strongest reference to maps as objects, are the symbols and framing of the information. So, these are the aspects i want to play around with. Creating a visual context for the website. A kind of Skuemorphics which is embedded in the design.

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