Sunday, 5 October 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Ralph Steadman Research

In the crit Simon suggested looking at the illustrator Ralph Steadman for inspiration on how to make my illustration 'crazier'. So, I have collected together some of the most inspiring pieces of his work.
The loose fluidity of the splashes of ink is really what I am looking for in my illustrations because it is so expressive of the enthusiasm mixed with panic with which I approach my briefs.
The way these illustrations suggest direction is really interesting as well. This seems to be because the style is so transparent in how it was produced; seeing the stroke on the page is like seeing I'm perform it. This is exactly the effect I want my illustrations to have.
This hand drawn type really caught my eye because it is on the same vein as the blobby type that I made using the sharpened paint brush. I could take what I have done further to the extreme for the exterior designs of the leaflet.

This image is really useful because it shows his process. He seems to make splashes of colour and then shape his illustrations around the to get that random and slightly crazy look. I think tis is what i need to attempt doing.
Simon also gave me this design by Steadman for a beer can.

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