Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OUGD504 Brief 01 My Design Process Re Printing

Because the paper I decided on in the earlier stages of this brief changes when printed on, I went back to print in the morning and printed out the map design on a number of different stocks, including Matt photographic paper, cartridge paper (120gsm) and water colour paper (200gsm approx). I also increased the brightness and contrast of the image so that when it was printed on more absorbent paper it would still have the brightness I wanted.

The matt paper was a complete disaster, the paper was far too ridged to achieve the curves I want inside the box. 

As you can see the weight of the paper pushed it into the corners.

However, I did use this mistake to solve the problems I was having with getting the folds right. I couldn't print double sided because the stock would not allow for it and Leaving line on the outside of the box would just look wrong. So, up until this point I had been drawing out the fold lines by hand and accepting that when made commercially this would be avoided by using the dye cutting method. But for now I cut into the failed matt paper print in the lines of the folds and used it as a template to achieve the most accurate folds I possibly could.

I used this method to make up the water colour paper leaflet. I really like the texture this paper provides but it just wouldn't fold cleanly.

The one that really worked was the cartridge paper. I didn't expect this because when I experimented with it earlier it was too ridged to achieve this fold. But somehow the ink mage the paper more pliable and it worked perfectly.

The belly band fit and held it in place.

And the paper was forgiving enough to flat tern out nicely.

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