Monday, 30 December 2013

OUGD404 Design principles Type Hierarchies Task The International New York Times Deconstruction

Once again negative space played a major role in the difference between the first and second hierarchies. Because it is such and intensely wordy page, with around there quarters of the page text, it is not so much weight or size of the that draws the eye but rather the space around the type.  although the proportion of image on the page is small it does contribute to the hierarchy, especially where the aeroplane in the top image points to an article. The heavy texture of the page is helped by the fact that there is no add space. The elongated shape of the page means that the eye is constantly drawn downwards in a way that would not be allowed by a broader sheet. In an attempt to combat this the majority of the font changes, ten in total, occur in the top halve of the page as does that larger image. This draws the eye upwards and balances the aesthetic of the page.