Tuesday, 28 October 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of... Crit

I presented all the sketches that I detailed in the last post and when through the outline of the purpose target audience.

However, Simon kept saying to me and the majority of the other students that this is not a really defined purpose. We should analyse why someone would visit our websites in the first place and tailor the website around this. For example, people (young professionals) in the cities around the norfolk coast might not be aware of the kind of walks that are  available  around them and the places they can visit. In this sense the first and foremost purpose of my website would be to inform young professionals in the cities of norfolk that these places are easily accessible and readily available for a way to get out of the city. In this way I need to include information about train times, local car parks, the best maps to use, footpath symbols and especially information about the norfolk coast hopper which is a bus that travels parallel to the foot path and can take you back to where you left your car. There were also suggestions about making links to social networks so that the comments people made about certain locations could be accessible in the map or the website. These are things that play into the search engine optimisation as well because they are specific to constructing a day out and specific to the county.

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