Friday, 29 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters by Louise Final Cards

I am really pleased with the finish of these business cards. The layers of paper make the weight and tactility of the cards communicate value and make them items in themselves that someone would want to keep. I do wish that I could have made more cards. However, the imprecise nature of both screen printing and finishing by hand meant that I should have allowed a wider margin for error. For the most part the printing was fairly standard in terms of success rate but because I had not allowed extra paper (the client couldn't afford it) naturally the final total was a little bit lower than expected. Registration was the main issue, mostly because of shifts in the true grain on the bed, difficult to have foreseen or done anything about.
The colour matching of this project in particular is something That went well. It took a lot of careful mixing but I think this is a skill that I learnt well during the GF Smith brief and came in handy here. The colour on the screen print is almost exactly the same as the digital colour that Louise approved. Because I had less control over the stamp ink I was concerned about the colour differences. However, although the ink is a little darker it does harmonise with the cards, creating a sense of cohesive design even if it doesn't match exactly.
The client response was really positive and Louise has agreed to do a review on my website which is great and return to me when she needs anything else done!

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