Friday, 15 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 02 SU Work Part 03 Staff and Student Awards Certificates Printing

The incredibly fast turn around of this project is mainly due to my awareness of the difficulty of getting print slots at this time of year. So, I am working to get them printed in a slot I booked a long time ago. 
Because of the large numbers of print a lot of costing calculations had to be done in advance. This involved the printing of the A5 nominations flyers with individual crop marks on A3 matt. I printed one of each first to check everything was ok and I caught a few problems before we rolled out 80 of the things.
This first issue was the presence of the boxes I used to draw in the custom crop marks left in the image. This was easily sorted before we printed the lot.

on the first print out of the A4 shortlisted certificates I saw there might be an issue. I was of course already aware that the printed leaves a frame around the image so any images printed on A4 will not in fact be A4. However, I had forgotten to what extent this was in fact the case. I ran up to the SU to check if the boarder would cause issues when in the frames that had been bought. It did show up. So, I re printed on A3 with custom crop marks and disaster was averted!

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