Monday, 11 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Letters by Louise Branding Back of Card

Once we had decided on a colour scheme I set to designing the back of the business cards with the information that Louise provided.

I tried a number of layouts creating a hierarchy with the information. The most important part is her name and what she does.

However, I wanted to create a link with the small emblem design when it is used at other points. This i because this may well be the first point of contact with the design for relevant people, so initiating her connection with the emblem is important.

At this stage I also spent a moment looking at the web safe colour options for the dusty pink. This is because the green/blue is already web safe so the dusty pink is all that needs to be checked. I found a number of colours that came close but the closest was 'faded pink in the chart below.

Louise got back to me and asked if the text could all be centrally aligned and to see the text in pink on a white background.

She then made more changes that can be seen below. The main changes were stripping back the design, kinda closer to my original ideas.

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