Wednesday, 27 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 03 Botanical Collaboration Creating Layouts and Content Research

I atempted a number of the suggestions made during the crit. The major one being the alteration of the O and Q. However, reversing the direction of the negative space stopped them looking like letters and more like eyes.

 I also made changes to the P, increasing the negative space to correspond with the other letters.

I then took the three spring plants that Jess had done the research for and put together the layouts.

It would take far too long to source all the information because each page needed up to 5 sources each to make up the information. However, predominantly it was a mix of woodland trust, wildflower spotting websites and my own books which did the job in the end.
Because Jess had the illustrations of Spring to get on with I did the research for the subsequent three seasons. You can find the un illustrated result below. We also discussed adding in season pages and I have arranged these so that the illuminated letters provide the best possible frame work to illustrate around.
The next step is waiting for Jess's illustrations.

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