Tuesday, 19 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Botanical content development

Today Jess and myself got together to edit down the content list and make a few design decisions.

Jess to research

-Dog Rose

-Yellow Iris

Me to research:

-Common Fern
-Sea Buckthorn
-Virginia Creeper

-Winter Heliotrope
-Winter Jasmine

we delegated some research for the text content.
Find hieght, habitat, flowering time, close relative, discription, any other relevant material.
I will aim to get A5 layouts done by Thursday.

I brought along my sketches for the capitals that will accompany the use of baskerville in body copy. We discussed what we felt worked best and came to the conclusion that the tapered terminals created a sense of the parts of the letters that were removed, aiding legibility and also had a crisp finish to contrast and interact with the illustrations.

We decided that this interaction between type and image was a major priority and the removal of aspects f the letters allowed for this really well.

I createad a number of digital tests in order to develop and affirm this decision. Again, we fund that the curved/tappered terminals were sharp enough to contrast with the illustrations but fluid enough to suggest that plans were growing over them.

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