Thursday, 28 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 10 Archer Animation Brief and ResaerchIdentification

Archer Animated Quotes (collaboration with  Billie)

Brief- create a series of animated quotes that celebrate and promote the program archer. These animations would hypothetically be used to advertise the fact that archer will be coming to Netflix. 

Background considerations- 
Choose quotes that are accessible to audiences new to the program.
Consider the sound that will be atop the animations and how the animation and visual can match the syntax and tone of voice of the speaker.
What are the selling points of the program and how can you communicate them quickly and concisely.

Mandatory requirements- 
Use the brief to help learn Adobe after effects.

A selection of animations of the quotes chosen
Record of development on your design Practice Blog.

Research areas: 
-Aesthetic (Netflix and archer)
- Syntax of quotes and tone of voice
- Kenetic Typography

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