Tuesday, 19 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 09 DR. ME Idea Development and Refinement

I already had the quote that I wanted to work with from the workshop we did with dr. me. So, I started sketching it out and the idea came to me to play on the work God further. I already started working with blacklister, suggestive of biblical scripts but I thought I could take this further, to a mock illuminated manuscript with the chrome logo as the illuminated 'O' of the quote. 
I got thinking about what the central message of this would be. The quote its self communicate exasperation at technology, which ties into my hands on approach as a designer. However, a true representation of my work would focus on the transition from hand made to digital. So, this translation should perhaps be the message of this mailer. 
The manuscript could be traditional in layout but it could be vectorised with pastel colours, a playful addition of technology to an otherwise hand made piece.
Developing this idea further I had the idea to fold up the poster into an envelop and enclose a pencil with the words 'Beth's Chrome -0.2'
I will be talking through this concept with a number of people, to ensure that it actually makes sense!

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