Thursday, 7 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters By Louise Pinterest Research

I recently sat down with Louise to talk through the sort of thing that she wanted from her brand. We spent some time on pinterest looking at examples. Although these examples are all foiled, she made it clear she didn't want the cards to be foiled.

This design in particular caught her eye in terms of the type only. I think this is because the lettering is done in a way that communicates hand writing and the person behind the card. The incased line weight on the down strokes and bottom of the letters makes the flow of the lines very tangibly connote the hand movements. What ale stands out is the combination of the imperfections of the handmade and white space. This creates a sense of quality and respect for the hand made which in turn communicates a respect for people. This is something that I need to strive to communicate with my own design. 

Great stock is central to this design. The tactility and texture of the pieces make you want to hold them. This is such an important thing with business cards; they should be things you want to hold on to. It is important to have a conversation about stock with Louise. It is also the neutral, soft colour combination of this design which harmonises in a way that is natural and gentle, allowing the content to come to the fore, whilst also creating an atmosphere of comfortable professionalism.

From the designs that Louise selected it is clear that she likes the more ornamented firms of hand lettering. The example above was mostly noticeable because of the colour combinations. Although, she has settles on a blue for the logo, these natural pastels have a warmth to them that again returns to the idea of the person behind the card. When it comes to colour mock ups I will see if I can integrate these natural pastels into the designs.

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