Friday, 29 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters by Louise Stamp Issues

To start with there were a few issues with the stamp. I sent off a black version of the emblem logo I made earlier. I used a company that I used of both the elections stamp and my self branding stamps. However, they let me down this time. The stamp was no where near clear enough as yu can see from the images I sent to the English Stamp Co customer service team.

The cut lines were far too shallow to show up yet the line weight I used was no lower than any other stamp I had had made.
I talked to customer service and the agreed to remake the stamp for free and suggested a positive image rather than a negative would work better. So, I agreed to this and you can see the difference in the image below.
Although this is in orange, I got a grey ink pad to match the blue grey of the branding which worked really well.

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