Thursday, 7 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters By Louise Hand to Type Research

I thought I would spend sometime before I did and drawing looking through my trusty compendium of hand lettering 'Hand to Type. I selected a few pages that I think may come in handy.
What stands out about the sample above is the way that the line weight fluidly changes with the flow of the line rather than the direction of the stroke (as would be the calligraphic tradition) I am unsure whether I like this or not because it confuses me technically. However, I should be aware of how the freedom of lettering rather than calligraphy allows you to break the rules. I need to make sure that I break them in the right way though.

From what I understand Louise wants this sample is more freeform and expressive of movement than my design will be. However, it caught me eye expressly because of this. Also because of the way that the lines of text fit and interlock with one another creating a strong sense of where the design begins and ends, a valuable trait in what is to be a logo. This s something I want to look into integrating into my own design.

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