Friday, 15 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters by Louise First Digital Prints and Colour Tests

As we previously agreed, I produced a short run of digitally printed cards so that Louise would have something temporary and so she could see the colour in print.
I brought these prints along to a meeting with her to see if the colour was right and to talk about the expansion of the brief and what would be most useful to her.

She loved the colour! we talked through the kind of stock she would want for the screen ringed cards and we found that a soft off white lightly textured card was what she imagined. She loved the idea of a stamp and we talked through the applications (letters and printed material that she wanted to personalise) and decided on a scale for it. 
I also suggested a duplex for the business cards to really create a solid density and create a really tactile piece of art. I also talked about the possibility this would allow of a deboss which I could do atop the screen print using the hydraulic nipping press to create the effect of letterpress. She loved this, and so we looked at setting a deadline of two weeks from now for all the print outcomes.
I also suggested that I out together a component sheet for all the design work I have done (not full brand guidelines because it is a relatively simple brand but just what to use, type and colour wise rather than how to use it.
I may also be creating a set of icons for her web presence. However, this would be a later date because her web presence is still in the works.

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