Friday, 29 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 08 Letters by Louise Assembly andScreen Printing

When getting the prints to work properly the ink mixing was the key to making the cards look right. It took a long time to get the ink almost exactly the same as the digital prints and colour that Louise had approved. I made sure I did my tests on the 270 Fabriano Print stock that I bought specifically for this project. I have been stung by the different way stocks tack colour before.

For the duplexing I bought some New blue 270 GF Smith Stock. This was the closest colour to the logo colour whilst also being a little bit brighter, to add a little sunniness to the finished cards.

The printing was a little bit tricky in spots, but not the spots that I thought would cause problems. The lines around the logo proved no problem at all (made the ink slightly thinner than usual to help it print the smaller details).
The back of the crd as were the most difficult. The small text came out patchy in places even with the thinner ink. So I swapped to a double pull print which sorted this out.

In places the registration of the two colours on the back was tricky. This turned out to be because the true grain on the bed was wrinkled when I did my first pull. It took me a while to realise this but once I did I cleaned down the true-grain and re registered.
Assembly was daily straight forward. Just lost of spray mount and trimming (I ended up putting two layers of the coloured stock inside to bulk out the colour and I think the result is great.

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