Friday, 22 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 04 FAFF Final Images and Evaluation


I really enjoyed the collaboration of this brief especially because I was working with someone outside the graphic design course, so the way Izzy worked was quite different to me. However, this worked very much to our advantage and we worked reality well as a team. There was no mess and no fuss, each decision was easy and completely uncontested. I would definitely like to work with Izzy again and I hope she feels the same way. The ethical centre of the brief really helped our collective drive. Both of us believe very strongly in what FAFF are doing, so creating something for them felt good and right in a way that other more dubious projects do not. In the end I think we produced a really effective logo that the client liked and comprehensive brand guidelines for the use of the logo and identity. This was the first time I have attempted to create full brand guidelines and it was an incredibly worthwhile process. Although at points it can seem dull and obvious what we are asking people to do (and not to do) I can see that it is so beneficial to the proper use of a design that we worked really hard to create. The only thing I would change with this project would be doing more work with FAFF. They did offer a number of poster jobs. However, because this was also unpaid and at a difficult time in the year both Izzy and myself agreed that it would be best to say no for the moment. Once we have finished our end of year show however, FAFF could be a lasting client.

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