Thursday, 21 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 01 SU Work Part 02 Elections Final Pictures and Evaluation

Working with Billie on this project was one of the biggest successes during this brief. we worked together really well and not once had an argument. That is to say, we sometimes disagreed about design decisions but each time we talked through the issue and came out with a better design for it. This is an interestingly different dynamic to many collaborations I have had and think it is down to being good friends before working together. We are honest with one another and that really helps the constant formative evaluation of the design.
For me the aesthetic of the project falls outside of my traditional comfort zone but that makes me really happy. I have learnt to work my eye into something with a little more white space and I think that is a valuable take away from the project. One of my favourite aspects of the design is the connection between the logo and the symbols for the roles. It works both on a visual and conceptual level which is always excessively satisfying. However, I can see that the way that we went about doing this was perhaps too complex. I would have liked to have the orbital paths purely as the symbols for the roles. However, this would have limited the actual communication of what the roles were about which is crucial to the entire campaign and I do like the icons I just feel like perhaps they bypass the need for the separations of the orbital paths from the main logo.
Billie is incredibly skilled when it comes to the use of colour and I have learnt a lot from working with her. When talking to the SU the words muted brights were used and I have to say that this meant very little to me. However, I sat down with Billie and when selecting the colours I again started to get my eye into the minutiae of the colours. This is another really valuable thing that I have taken away from the project.
In conclusion, I am really happy with the outcome of the brief. Any project with so many people involved can be really tricky and we managed to make it work fairly seamlessly. I have learnt so much through doing this brief and because of that I think it was really successful for me. It was also successful in terms of filling every role in the SU which hasn't happened for a while and was my aim in coming into the communications officer role!

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