Monday, 18 April 2016

OUGD603 Extended Practice Brief 09 Dr. ME Brief and Re-engagement

At the time that Dr. Me came in and briefed us I didn't have the time to fit in the brief and do it to a level that I was happy with. So, as I said I would I am now re- visiting the brief because I think it will be great to do and be very useful to my personal professional practice.

Create a mailer to be sent out to design studios and prospective employers that communicates you as a designer and a person.

Background Considerations:
-Who are you as a designer?
-What defines your practice and how you want to interact with graphic design in a professional context?
-Use processes to help communicate this and consider time frame as well, this is one of your last briefs, as such it needs to be done within a two week bracket.

-Finished printed mailer.
-Development recorded on your design practice blog.

I have already done a little development for this brief in the workshop that ran when Dr. Me were in. I will work from this and develop into a full conclusion. I think I want to use the content of the quote but to re think the context of it and how it is received. This will link in closely with my self branding for PPP to ensure that the outcome of this is really useful for me in the real world once I have graduated.

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