Monday, 13 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 04 Re-Written Brief and Week Timetable

Because this brief is so specific to each individual and the research we did, it was suggested that we take the brief from studio and re-write it for our specific direction. The original brief is shown below.

My Brief: 
many people in the UK have a fear of Insects. Find a way to inform and educate a specifically young target audience (between 3 and 6) about haw beautiful, interesting and amazing insects are. the tone of voice needs to be simple yet engaging in accordance with the target audience.

Mandatory Requirements:
design development, Solution and contextualisation of design (specific to the form the solution takes). photographic documentation of this contextualisation and on going documentation on blog.

Physical creation of the solution and a presentation which clearly demonstrates how the solution would solve the problem and the need for the solution in the first place.

Week Timetable:
Monday: Research illustration styles in children's books.
-Blog Crit and decide on direction.
-Create post that demonstrates the need for the solution.
-Blog all days activities.
-Consult print room about binding options.
-Plan structure of book.
-Experiment with and decide on illustration style.
- Blog everything above.
-Consult digital print about stock options.
-Do all illustrations
-Decide on Font to be used.
-Scan in drawings and create pages
-Create front cover
-Digital print drop in. (morning)
-Possible Book binding drop in or booking (am)
-If not re print on cheap paper and bind in library.
-prepare presentation.
-Blog everything
-If book is completed photograph in book shop.

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