Tuesday, 21 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Development of Layout

 The images below show the final digital versions of the layout designs for this brief.
 I have changes the column arrangement from the last design for the pages above.
Scince then I have also swapped the columns in the designs above and below. In both situations this was to create a more harmonious look (the togetherness of the pages).

Previously what was letting the is page down was the illustrations, so instead I used some images from my original collection. The step like orientation of the columns suggests the movement which is the subject of the content of the page. for further details follow the link.

I am really pleased with the finished look of the stats page and for full details of its meaning and motivation follow the link.

I am pleasantly surprised by how these designs turned out but will wait for the final print out in digital print for the final evaluation.

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