Saturday, 11 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Crit

After much experimentation, the image below shows the digital mock up of my first layout. I really dislike it. i think that the main reason of this is the way the type is at many different sizes for no apparent reason. When I put it together this was intended to draw the eye in a set order to the particular information but it just doesn't work.
The proximity layout design hasn't changed much from the previous post but the difference is the way the text is organised on the right hand page. The response t this design was quite positive and I want to find a way to make this idea of info graphics go further and possibly mesh better with the other layout designs.

This is a design for the media layout where I wanted to convey the idea of our fear feeding from the popular consciousness into the media in alien and monster designs, which then comes back out into society amplified. The way the layout come out in this sketch didn't seem to gain much attention. I think this is because it lacks a distinctive aesthetic. This is something I want to improve on the development of this design.

Once again the design for the movement page didn't attract much attention, possibly because it appears to regimented. however, I think people failed to notice the note explaining how a few letters would be slightly out of place, juxtaposing the regimented look and amplifying the message of movement in insects making people fear them.

The design below for the advanced nature of insects really got a lot of positive feedback. People really liked the illustration that was shown in my previous post that was intended for the centre of this layout and I think this is one design that may translate well into a digital format.

Although I was aware that my digital mock up was terrible I did get some good advice for improvement:

"The main problem is the body text positioning, use a classic grid system as at the moment the text is hard to read/looks bad. Be more minimal and subtle with the positioning of the text and have less on each page with a consistent point size."

"Stick with the drawing style it fits with the theme."

"All your sheet designs look good. Stick to the drawing! That messy 'scary' style is good."

"I love the more detailed hand drawing that you have done in your sketchbook where it turns into a machine. This is much more aesthetically pleasing than the sketch in you experiment ton wrong sheet. I think you should try to create amazing drawings as a focus and fit the information in as the image catches the eye first."

"It's not done well, but at least you tried. Don't worry about jumping out of the box to be different your co-evolution and stats page are really unique and interesting."

" Book antiqua or baskerville- classy fonts would be good. Perhaps with titles you could achieve this with a 'printed look' or type writer look where the letter form is clear yet the handmade origins are clear"

"I like the use of pen and ink illustrations, they fit with the botanical feel. On a side note you could try hand writing the titles in a calligraphic style."

This feedback has really inspired me and i think the first thing I want to do is go back and do some more research into grid systems and botanical books. The victorian botanical look is something that would work perfectly with the subject matter so looking into the aesthetic and layout of these could really help.

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