Thursday, 9 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Planning Layout Content

The way I organised my presentation for the previous brief in such a way as to most effectively communicate my findings. This was useful in allocating content to the five double page spreads I had to design. Although on the brief it says that each spread has to express each of the five types of research we had to collect; 20 photo, 20 words ect. However, when we asked our tutor it was explained that as long as we used information from each area then we could mix the content that could be used on each spread but use one area as the stimuli for each page.
 The first layout will be outlining the widespread fear of insects that exist, yet the contrasting opinions that exist about them. They are both beautiful and disgusting. These contrasts are what I want to express in the layout. The stimuli for this page are words from the 20 I collected in the previous brief.
Proximity is the focus of the second page expressing the equation I presented (invisible + proximity =fear) Statistics are the stimuli for this page and I want to consider the possibility of info graphics as the central theme for this page.

The third will be about how physically advanced insects appear and how this contributes to our fear of them. For the layout I want to take inspiration both from the exoskeleton of insects and technology. Image is the starting point for this page because it is integral to the message that people see the structure of the insects.

The fourth will be stimulated by opinion and as such will be mostly type based so there are a number of ways I can alter the layout to create an impression of movement. The main way is to shift one or two letters in each paragraph just slightly out of line, like they are creeping away when you are not looking. Another is creating frame or structure around the text on a few sides, communicating that the structural 'hard on the outside' build of insects contribute to the way they move.

With the last spread I want to communicate the fact that the way our fear feeds into the media and then back into public consciousness is an endless cycle. I am most uncertain about the layout of this design but I think I want to make the different components interlock in some way and where there is a chance to I want to create the suggestion of an infinity sign with typography as shown above just to send the message home in a strong and definite way.

Because it says that we have to use the images selected in the last brief I wanted to find a way to improve them. (they are not great quality) So, I had and idea to construct the aesthetic a kin to victorian botanical books with hand drawings and traditional printed text which would mean that I could do drawings from the photographs I had gathered at the natural history museum.

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