Monday, 20 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Layout Improvement

In my previous post I outlined the fact that I was unhappy with my first layout design because the central column had no reason to be the way it was, as shown below.

However, I re-arranged the text into two smaller columns two illustrate to two schools of though surrounding insects and added two constricting lines to imitate the way that the fear of insects limits us. the decision to have the columns aligned to both sides was to achieve a more even texture of type to give the impression of a sensible and authoritative tone.

On the page outlining the role the advanced nature of insects plays in our fear of them, I arranged the columns with one larger than the other next to the illustration to illustrate the threat we feel from insects and the line at the bottom of both grounds the type creating and impression of an upwards momentum (because there is no line on top), which is enhanced by the use of a slightly larger font in the first few lines of each column making it look as if the lines are increasingly more spaced out.
I went on to swap my original illustration for the movement page for some I used in my original presentation. they are the various types of legs insects may have (only a few of the undress of possibilities). this page is arranged almost like steps in order to draw they eye gradually downward following the flow of information. Once again the design is heavily influenced by botanical victorian books, not only with the change in font size but with the way the illustrations are on top and the type beneath.

There are several themes that have run throughout these designs. One os the repeated use of columns, this comes from my research into grid (reading parts of making and breaking the grid) which outlined the fact that a simple maintained theme of type arrangement allowed a clean definite and generally more pleasing finish. Another is the increased font size at the top of each column this was a trick taken from my research into victorian botanical books. It draws the eye to the top of eye column, helping the reader tackle the information in order. The black and white throughout is the buy product of originally wanting to use etching and type setting to produce these designs yet I also think that if there is no need for colour it should not be forced into the equation. The lines on some if not all of the pages are also a left over from reading making or breaking the grid. seeing how the structures gave so much more strength to each layout made me consider involving very basic aspects of it in my layout to help ground it and I really think it has worked.I wanted to achieve a sophisticated and ageless look with these layouts by combining aspects of old fashioned aesthetics and modern appreciation for the space allowed to each aspect of the page and i believe i have achieved this.

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