Friday, 10 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Further Development of Designs

I was looking into creating an impression of a contrast, to represent the contrasting opinion we have of insects. I wanted to achieve this by having flowing shape on one side of the page and sharper more angular ones on the other.

Another image I was playing with was the spider climbing out of a gun. This was to embody the threat some people feel insects pose. However, I am uncertain where this would fit into the layout and so might be put to one sir for the moment.

For the Proximity page I started by using the actually proximity to the word to dictate the layout, but this did not make use of the statistics that had to be the starting point for the design. So, I looked into creating info graphics to represent the statistics surrounding the proximity of insects. These can be seen below.

The image above shows the number of dust mite in an average household, with each symbol the equivalent of 80,000. Although I like this I have a strong vector image look which I am uncertain about. I expanded the idea to a double page spread anyway and might take it to the crit to get peoples opinions.

Because my Advanced page layout will be based around images and the ones I have from the last brief were not to a very high standard so I have started to do some drawings from the images. As you can see I have added cogs and technological aspects to help communicate the idea that insects are evolutionarily advanced. I will put this into a layout sketch for the crit to get peoples opinions.

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