Monday, 13 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 04 Crit

The material I discussed in the is brief can be found in my previous post. The feedback surprised me because I expected people to focus in on the fly posters because I felt they were the strongest ideas. However, the flip book idea seemed to really grab peoples attention because they said it offered a definite solution to the problem I had isolated from my research which was the fear of insects. By addressing a specific target audience (children) I stop, or attempt to stop the fear of insects spreading from one generation to the next. There were two people actually in my group for theocrat which said that their parents fear had actively influenced them into a negative association with insects.

 There were also some further suggestions to expand on the idea such as a tick list at the back of the book so that the children are encouraged to look out for them and using illustration styles which highlight the identifying features of the insects.

However, part of the brief asks how we would find out if our solutions work and it is not possible in a week to do the sort of long term research that would be required for a conclusive result. So, instead Simon said in the debriefing that it would be satisfactory to outline the need for the product we are designing by doing some research and condensing it down onto a design board for the final crit.

As well as doing this i think my next step in this brief is to look into illustration styles in children's books and start planning the structure of the book and how it will work.

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