Monday, 20 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Design Development

 The images below show the first digital mock up of the new designs for this brief. I really like the central alignment of the illustration on the image immediately below but feel that the single column is pointless and only there for aesthetic reasons so I will try again. there is also an image of attempting to slant the column but the is really just didn't work with the illustration, I needed to find a way to make the layout work harmoniously.

I really like the layout shown below both because of the illustration and the way the two bodies of text embody the threat we subconsciously feel insects pose. I have also tried making the first few lines of each column slightly bigger than the rest. This was taken from the botanical book research I did and I think it adds a really nice visual texture to the otherwise quite clean page.
This is my least favourite of the layouts I have produced at this stage, I just feel that the illustration lets it down. I think I will go back and possibly do a set of drawings from the different types of legs insects have and see how they might fit in better.

I like this layout but I also feel that I want to experiment with placing the type against the bottom of the page rather than the top.

I will continue to experiment with these on in design until I have achieved five designs I am happy with.

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