Monday, 20 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio brief 03 Illustration Improvement

Previously I have mentioned the decision to create drawings for the layouts from the 20 photos I collected in the previous brief because the photos in themselves were not up to scratch. At the crit for this brief people really liked these illustrations but I wanted to expand on them; creating more detailed and complete versions. Feedback suggested that the scratchy and fast look of these pen drawings worked well with the subject matter so I have attempted to maintain this on my later drawings.
This is the first Layout done for the crit.

 I started by ding a simple pencil outline to get the proportions right

 Then built them up to the heavy scratchy lines I wanted.

This time I worked by building up the pen lines and feathering them with thinner pens, creating an equally scratchy look to the original drawing but with a more exact and professional finish.

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