Monday, 13 January 2014

OUGD405 Group Concept Brief

We were given an hour long group brief centred around concepts and understanding that a good concept is widely applicable and appropriate to many situations. WE could choose to come up with a concept for the branding of a bar, restaurant or hotel.
We decided we wanted to do this for a hotel.

Considering the target audience for a hotel we came up with two distinct areas: one a younger customer looking for a slightly more budget experience, the other older professionals looking for a more luxurious experience. This lead us to the idea of one hotel split in half. 

When evaluating our group interests we found that there was very little we had in common apart form graphic design. Eventually we came to the idea of and upper and lower case hotel, unified under the name of case. This works on two levels; one the travel case and two, the letters. We decided a black, white and grey motif should be established for a clean look that can both be simple and elegant. The furniture in the two sections of the hotel would be tall or short in correspondence with its location in the upper and lower case parts of the hotel. The rooms would be lettered not numbered. All print and lettering in the two sections would be exclusively upper and lower case. The bar shelves would be split by cost into upper and lower case.

Below is a sample of the direction we were looking at going in for the unifying logo.

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