Monday, 6 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 02 Final Crit

The main body of the work I produced for this brief can be found on my design context blog. However, for the communicate part of the collect, categorise and communicate section of this brief we were asked to condense our findings into a short presentation for the rest of the class. Follow the link to see my presentation. However, I didn't want to be simply reading from the screen so I also made a collection of my 20 facts, 20 stats and 20 opinions t go with the images and words on the screen so that I could insert them where appropriate while presenting.

I was really pleased with the response, I had made a large effort to condense and control the information I was conveying so that it made logical sense and really effectively communicated my findings. As you can see on the Prezi I have done this by deciding my findings into categorise that I explain and elaborated on during the presentation.

People said that it really made sense, showed that I had done thorough research and really understood my subject matter. Someone also said that I was a really strong speaker and communicated well with the audience. Overall I am so pleased with this result and am finding that presentation can be amazingly enjoyable experience with the right preparation. 

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