Wednesday, 22 January 2014

OUGD405 Studio Brief 03 Final Prints

Once again i have use the heavy textured stock from the print room because of the way it suits the natural and earthy subject matter of the designs. I am so happy with these designs not simply because I like them but because they are so much better than the first layout designs i produced. I have learnt so much during this brief, not only about layout design but in general visual design how important the details are. For example, the way the first few lines of each column are slightly larger just makes me happy both because of its subtlety and because of the way it references another aesthetic (botanical literature) and in so doing adds to the tone of the designs. 
I have also made a lot of progress when it comes to working in InDesign. Going through all ways grids and guides could be constructed and most of all the way to organise folders and files to work the In Design program and prepare it for print. 
I guess I am most happy about this project on a personal level . It is a victory over my own ability to over complicate and confuse the designs I create.
The main thing I would have done differently would have been to experiment more with production methods. I would have loved to used these illustrations for etchings and even tried some type setting to get a really tactile and physical finished product. However, Inductions were mandatory for both of these things so it would have been impossible to do them.

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