Tuesday, 14 January 2014

OUGD405 Production Options

Today I went to both the digital print room and the print room at Vernon street to see what production methods were available to me and which would be most suitable.

In digital print I wanted to find out what the heaviest stock that could be effectively printed on. this was 300 gsm and had a strand texture and grain to it which might jar with the clean illustration look I wanted. A 200gsm satin finish paper was suggested by a technician and I explained that I wanted a thick paper (bordering on card to create the ergonomic capacity for small children's hand to turn.) It was then suggested that I back the prints with card before producing the book. This seemed the best solution so far.

Down at the vernon street print room I asked about book binding options and whether a spiral binding was available. Although it was not and book binding was unavailable to me with out an induction they suggested the leeds repro room on the university campus for spiral binding. This might also be and option.

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