Friday, 21 November 2014

OUGD504 Studio Brief 03 A Brief History Of... Gallery on Pinterest

I have been thinking about how to layout the gallery pages with all the images I took of the walks for a while. Suddenly it occurred to me when I was on Pinterest; a link to a pinterest board. Previous crits have brought up the idea of some social media platform that allows people who have gone on the walk todd their own images and experiences. Up unit this point the only platform that seemed right for this was instagram, but because that is such a mobil phone platform i didn't want to encourage people to be on their phones while on the walk. That just goes against the whole idea of escaping that kind of city thing. So, pinterest seems like the perfect compromise. 
 I added a pinterest link button on the home page so that people can get to all the boards for each walk.
Each walk will have the logo as the cover image agains the image used in the background for that walk on the website.

As shown above each walk will be a separate board with the images in sequence for the walk.

The description of each image includes place reference of Norwich and the area of the walk length, so that they would appear when anyone searched any of these terms. The link to the relevant page of the website would also be in the description so as to not only use pinterest as a gallery but as a means of feeding people into the website. Also at the bottom of each image is a little salt of the earth logo, just so if the image get re used then they can always be tracked back to me.

By adding a specific place on pinterest it allows a map to pop up under the image and give people an idea of where this was taken along the walk.

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