Tuesday, 25 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Feathr Wallpaper Brief

After the Visit from Feathr wallpaper, I have decided to do a wallpaper design for their competition.

The limitations of the brief are numerous. The most dominant ones are repeat and scale. The scale of the design needs to work from lots of different distances and the repeat needs to be as seamless as possible so that no lines appear when numerous rolls of the paper are pasted next to each other. Luckily as part of the submission process, Feathr have a try out area where you can play around withe the way the motif repeats and the scale it is repeated at. However, this will need to be considered at every stage of the design. I hope not to spend more than a week or so on this project because my dominant work is being done with the Leeds Arts Party and my submission to the YCN in the Fedrigoni Brief. 

The first things I want to do are think about the different stories I would want to tell with this piece and to look at the current submissions. I will already play on my existing work in the area of wall paper design and look at inverting the norms of this medium to create something entertaining and new.

Own Brief:

Create a wall paper design for the feather competition that looks to invert the norms of wallpaper design and utilises your existing knowledge of the medium. Consider the technicalities of a repeat and how your motif can do something new with the space you have. Consider its context in the home and what people want to see day to day.

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