Tuesday, 25 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Feathr Brief Existing Entries

I went on to the voting pages on the Feathr website and took some screen shots of the entries so that I can look at what they might be missing.
This is probably one of my favourite designs on the website. This is mostly because the repeat is so interesting. I like the way it has varying intensities of line weight that suggest the presence of depth which is hard to come by in a lot of wall papers and makes sense when you think about the way that the wallpaper's depth creates the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is, always a desirable trait.

This is quite a bizarre illustration to use as the repeat of a wallpaper but I think that is why it works. It makes very little sense but this is the very thing that makes it a talking point. This is a quality that comes from one of the criteria pointed out in the briefing; a story. It is important that the wallpaper has a story to tell or at least a reason behind it. It doesn't necessarily mean that this story has to be instantly gleaned from the design but to get the complexity and evoke that curiosity from the onlooker it needs the background of a strong concept.

I really like the visual texture and carefully thought through repeat in this design. However, when seen at full size the design looses this impact it has because the repeat is far too small to actually work from the multiple distances it needs to be viewed from.

This is another example where the repeat is just far too small. It creates a busyness that almost hurts the eyes. Not something you want from a wallpaper.

Tis is an example of the repeat just not being thought through enough. The spacing on each individual roll has been looked at but the connection between rolls has not been taken into account. This means that there are lines through the wallpaper where the motifs are much closer together than in other areas of the design.

Although the repeat of this is far too small to be visually appealing I admire the bravery of placing the motifs so close together. However, this does have its draw backs, it means  that there are numerous lines in this design. Sometimes lines can be pleasing to the eye but here I feel like perhaps the scale has stopped this from being the case. The diamond shape of the repeat mean that there is almost an isometric grid of lines throughout which stops you from seeing the contents of the pattern and the grid of lines instead, getting in the way of the communication of the story.

Once again this is a design tat I really like but just feel that the scale is all wrong. I really love the drawing style and the tactile look, possibly this is something that I could use in my designs, however, something that runs throughout all of these designs is the lack of a truly interlocking repeat patterns, something that creates the impression of no repeat at all. This is what I want to achieve with my design.

 Next I want to start jotting down ideas about stories and themes that I want to explore.

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