Monday, 10 November 2014

OUGD503 Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Arts Party Brief JuJu Showcase Flyers

 Produce some flyers for the  The Leeds Arts Party stand at the JuJu showcase. These need to have all of the information about what they are doing and who they are, plus any social media platforms. It also needs to have a playful artistic  tone of voice. It needs to grab attention from a horizontal position on a table and convey the arts party's central goal of positive activism.

Background Considerations: 
The arts part already have a logo that has a certain image and feel, fit what you do around this and make any designs sympathetic to past visuals. Colour plays a huge role in their identity and as such careful consideration of colour usage will be required in this brief. The majority of the arts party promotional work will be printed with awesome merchandise and as such the scale of the design is controlled by the funding available for this print.

A printed flyer design to be used at the JuJu showcase at the corn exchange.

After sketching out some thumbnails, that I will not show you because they were that rudimentary, I came up with the idea to layer the logo version of the word 'arts with key words about what we do in bright over the top hand drawn type. Obviously the flyers shown below are sans hand drawn type but that is the next stage. The words I am going to add are sustainable, create, celebrate and educate. These will help to instantly convey what the arts party are doing and this is what I feel they are missing at the moment.
I will go on to do some type sketches tonight and show Fran tomorrow to hopefully get the go ahead.

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