Monday, 24 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice Leeds Arts Party Flyer

The flyers went to print at Awesome merchandise and I think that they turned out pretty good.

There are a few things that I would change if I could have seen a proof print, like the colour of the drop shadow is slightly green and the hand drawn type would have been really nice with a slightly more pronounced spot shine just to catch the eye.

Using hand draw lettering in this brief was a justified decision in the fact that it communicated a hand crafted more human approach which fits with the message of the arts party. However, in this situation I am uncertain about how effectively it has worked in situ. I am uncertain why this is but it could be the hand drawn type on top of hand drawn type, too much perhaps. Through the development of the design I have learned about the aesthetic that the arts party wants to create and how I can best achieve this. Mostly through the use of colours it seems, although the colours are very light pastels and this can seem very girlie and soft, perhaps the colours require the harsher edges of digital design to counteract this. I also learned a lot from working with a group of people that aren't necessarily graphic designers. This means you have a few communication bridges to cross but the effort is worth it and having crit with them was a new experience entirely. I think one thing that this project highlighted was my need to step away from my work before someone critiques it. I found that working on it and then the next minuet getting a crit meant I was much less open to making changes and could (internally) get quite defensive. I am glad I have learned this about my process because now I can mediate this. I really liked helping out on the day of the showcase because I got to see the delivery of my design and gauge a response. The response was overwhelmingly positive, despite my hang up about it and this was heartening and also very motivational, just to see my work in use out side of the college.

I helped out at our stand on both days of the showcase in the mornings. As part of the set up on saturday I also did an impromptu chalk board which needed to look quite hand made and DIY. I think it worked out really well and I definitely enjoyed doing it, something to do more perhaps?

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