Wednesday, 12 November 2014

OUGD503 Responsive Studio Brief 01 Individual Practice JuJu ShowcaseFlyer for The Leeds Arts Party

After corresponding with fran about the first mock up i thought I would develop the flyer further and shake it up a bit. I talked to Danny about it and he suggested screen printing a pattern of the logo in the background. Although this is not possible in the time the pattern idea really caught my attention.

The pattern was a bit intense so I looked into reducing the opacity and I think it really works

My favorite type from the mock up and the one that got the most attention from Fran was the word create. So, I went on to experiment with overlaying this lettering on the pattern with the intention of adding the other words in the same lettering later. I looked at numerous different colours but I feel the most successful is the dark blue one.

I spent a lot of time on the layout of information on the back of the flyer as suggested by fran.

I tried to use the dot I used to separate the word art on the front background pattern but I am uncertain if it is actually working.
I talked to a couple of people about it and Jess suggested the free font Bebas. This as a slightly more edgy look that fits with the arts subject and the suggestion of innovation in the field. I Also used the different fonts in the font family to create more of an information hierarchy.

I have also been talking to fran about the quite feminine nature of the branding and the way the presentation of the brand needs to be a bit more gender neutral. To highlight the information communicating the location and date of the conference I took the most gender neutral colour of the logo (red) and just had a small framing line. I think this works really nicely but I have also sent it on to fran to get her opinion.

I spent a lot of time drawing out the rest of the text sans the word sustainable because fran felt it was unnecessary. I also reduced the opacity of the pattern more to let the lettering come to the front. I didn't just make the type blue though. To get the hand made look that I think this project needs I have scanned in a painted texture and placed it into the type using photoshop and I Think This works really well.

I have also added some more texture to the background pattern by printing it out adding black ink to the dots and running it under water to get it to bleed and spread. I really like the finished result.

As you can see the brush texture has worked really well and I added a slight drop shadow to help the type stand out against the textured background. 

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